Designed to provide continuous high quality UV air decontamination in any kind of environment, UV-FAN-XS main features are:

  • Steel body painted with epoxy powders or AISI 304 stainless steel (model ...-NX ).
  • Selective UV-C lamp (at 253.7 nm.) with high efficiency and high UVC power, ozone-free for use in the presence of people 24/7
  • Internal germicidal chamber made of ultra-pure mirror bright special aluminium with high UV-C 253.7nm reflectivity 
  • 24/7 Treatment continuity: use in the presence of people. ISO 15858 standard for safety of devices with UV-C lamps. 
  • Special photocatalytic titanium dioxide TiOx® technology (Registered Trademark of Light Progress Srl) for the elimination of organic and inorganic pollutants VOCs and NOXs.
  • Complies with ISO 15714 standard that certifies the UV-C dose emitted and required to perform disinfection.
  • Meets the noise standards of Directive 2006/42/EC <36db at 1mt
  • Wall installation, floor installation kit available
  • Porthole for visual inspection of the lamps, transparent to visible light but preventing the passage of UV-C rays 
  • Long cable with plug (2mt)
  • Safety microswitch: that switches off the lamps if the cover is opened and lamp exposed, to perform maintenance in safety.
  • CE marking (LVD 73/23 - EMC 89/336 - MD 93/42), ISO 60335-1-2
  • Power supply with specific electronic ballast for UV-C lamps
  • All materials used are tested to withstand intense UV-C radiation.
  • Suitable for installation in class 1 - protected areas.

UV-FAN-XS includes:

​LAMP LIFETIME  (hour)*  ≤ 18.000
Power supply - Total power supply  220-240V 50/60 Hz - 70W
LAMP SIZES  690 X 152 X h162 mm 
AIR FLOW (CMH) air exchange volume covered in one hour  70 m3/h
C.M.T. REDUCTION (total microbial load)  >99,9%